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Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd was founded in 2009 in India from the beginning, the long-range plan of company management focused on the Freight Forwarding market.

The company’s services and personnel have developed largely in direct response to the international transportation needs of many of the world's most prominent construction and energy concerns. Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd is engaged in international forwarding, shipping, export packing and consolidation, project transportation management, custom house brokerage, marine agency, and heavy equipment carriage. Although we are heavily involved in project transportation, we also proudly service the shipping needs of many large and small commercial exporters and importers, primarily for the chemical, cement manufacturing field, and heavy manufacturing industries. We offer the experience and quality you are looking for strong traffic expertise and rigid attention to documentation details.

Since its foundation in 2009, Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd. has concentrated and made the best effort to provide customers with synthetic logistics programs as representative project forwarders. Our policy, Speedy, Accuracy & Safe delivery by project logistics specialists has made Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd. the most competitive and famous in project logistics of India. We are carrying your cargo as well your mind & soul.

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Our 10 Year Performance Record

  • Doosan Heavy Industry / Criebon Indonesia (Coal Power Plant)
  • GS Construction / GS Manifa, Saudi Arabia
  • Samsung ENG / Manzanilo LNG Mexico
  • Samsung ENG / Jubail Export Refinry Saudi Arabia
  • Hyundai ENG / Tripoli Power Plant, Libiya
  • Hanhwa/ Samara Power, Jordan
  • Dae Woo Corporation (India~Korea: Rice-8,000 Containers; Y2015)
  • HANWAH /Y2P1-696 Ex- Hyderabad India to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Y2016)
  • Samsung India Electronics - Gurgaon Office's Interior Materials (Korea ~ India ; Y2016)
  • Doosan Heavy Industry [Morupule A PJT] INDIA/South Africa (Y2017)
  • Dae Woo ENG /India to Gaolan China
  • Hyundai ENG /India to Shuiaba Kuwait
  • Dae Woo Corporation (India~Korea; Seasame-80 Containers)
  • Samsung Noida 2nd Factory 2018~2020
  • Samsung Display Noida/Manufacturing Facilities(2020)
  • Kia Motor New factory - Anandapur Andrapradesh (Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Y2019)
  • MIJU PRECISION INDIA/Manufacturing Facilities (Chennai/Bengaluru)
  • E Etech ENG / India to Jeddah
  • Criebon Indonesia (Coal Power Plant)-II
  • Samsung India Electronic / Vietnam, Czech, Hungary, Mexico(Materials Transportation)
  • Samsung Chennai - Supplementary Materials for Factory Expansion (Y2021-Y2022)
  • Doosan Heavy Industry- Jawa 9 & 10 power plant (INDIA to Indonsia (Y2022~)
  • Basrah Oil Refinery (India~Iraq; Y2022~)
Our Motive
  • Rapidly
  • Accuracy
  • Safety

The key to Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd's growth and success is the quality and dedication of our employees - all of whom are geared to respond to your requirements with that single most important quality and a sense of urgency. Based on Trust, New Ideas, and Self-confidence, Joy Logistics Exim (India) Pvt Ltd. promises to do its best for customers.

Your consistent interest in our company will make us get great momentum to serve you.

Thank you for your reading and I hope you will be better every day.

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